Learn About our Direct Marketing Services

Lazarus Direct takes a comprehensive approach to managing our clients’ direct marketing projects. Every project we handle is guided by a project manager with expert knowledge of our core services:


Lazarus Direct has been managing direct mail and print projects for over 35 years. While we specialize in complete mail packages, some products we routinely print include:

  • Booklets
  • Brochures
  • Invitations
  • Self-Mailers
  • Letters / Envelopes
  • Small Catalogs

Whether your projects require digital or conventional printing, we’ll put together a solution that meets your budget, deadline and quality expectations. (Back to Top)

Lettershop / Mailing

Lazarus Direct’s reputation for excellence and quality is built upon the strength of our mailing services. We have the equipment and expertise to complete projects from basic addressing and inserting to complex match mailings. Components to our proven mailing solutions include:

Mail Volume - While we deal with many luxury brands, their approaches are not necessarily the same. Some of our clients mail exclusive packages to their best customers, others mail varying offers and/or invitations more frequently and in much larger volume. Either way, we are there to help them every step of the way to plan and execute each project successfully.

Equipment - Our facilities offer inkjet and laser addressing options as well as machine and manual inserting. When reviewing your project, we will estimate based on the right solution for you.

Postage Optimization - Through a combination of postal presorting, mail planning and trucking logistics, our team will assess your postal options and review them with you. In addition, we will evaluate your proposed mail piece and make suggestions where applicable to save on postage.

Mail Tracking - We offer the option to our clients to monitor their mail as it flows through the USPS system. In addition, standard and customizable reports are available online upon request. (Back to Top)

Data Processing

Lazarus Direct employs a staff of highly experienced and skilled computer specialists. We pride ourselves on utilizing the latest direct mail marketing software and security protocol. Our data processing services include postal presorting for postage savings optimization.

Personalized Printing - Sophisticated inkjet and laser equipment allows direct marketers more flexibility in personalizing printed material than ever before. Personalization can be done directly onto existing forms, letterhead and/or a wide selection of paper stocks and sizes. We can handle any program, regardless of size. Your Lazarus Direct representative will be happy to advise you on the best method of personalization for your application.

Client Data Security - Lazarus Direct stores client data in enterprise grade data centers in the United States. Onsite security staff monitor these facilities 24x7x365.

We secure our office network infrastructure with redundant enterprise class firewalls, intrusion protection and virtual private network systems to ensure only authorized staff members access our information systems. (Back to Top)

Fulfillment / Assembly and Packaging

Lazarus Direct provides a wide variety of fulfillment services designed to accommodate your specific marketing needs. We manage manual operations designed to handle mailing and packaging promotions that cannot be processed by automated equipment. In addition to collating and assembling of literature, POS material and promotional items, we are expert in the preparation of high-end packaging for our luxury retail clients. (Back to Top)

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