Meet our Leadership and Direct Marketing Experts

Co-Presidents & Owners

Photo of Candy Kaye
Candy M. Kaye

Candy M. Kaye began her direct marketing career 35 years ago as an account executive for Lazarus Marketing Inc. Today, she is an owner and co-president of Lazarus Direct. Candy makes her clients a top priority and executes innovative solutions to their processing and / or budgetary challenges. She is a member of the New York Friars Club, an avid Knicks fan, and enjoys traveling and fashion.

Photo of Donna Garda
Donna Garda

Donna Garda is an energetic sales and marketing executive. She is dedicated to delivering exceptional service and has exceeded expectations of her luxury brand clients for nearly 30 years. Donna is an owner and co-president of Lazarus Direct. Her innovative thinking and project management expertise are the reasons her clients partner with Lazarus Direct for direct mail production and execution.

Account Executives

Lazarus Direct assigns an account management team to each of our clients to execute their project with the highest level of quality and customer service. The team expertly handles the day-to-day process of monitoring all phases of direct mail projects. Their hands-on experience enables them to anticipate clients’ specific needs and overcome challenges.